the walls and vaults house


04 - Exterior (Inside) a01 (PM)

  • project:  the walls and vaults house
  • location: kanjirapilly, kerala
  • area: 3190 Sqft.
  • client: mr. biju cherian and family
  • awards/recognition:

-Mathrubhumi MASTERCRAFT Season 2 – BEST ARCHITECT Award for ‘The Walls and Vaults House’ – (2017)
-Mathrubhumi MASTERCRAFT Season 2 – BEST HOME Award for ‘The Walls and Vaults House’ – (2017)
-TRENDS Excellence Awards for Architecture and Design – Architecture: Residential Project of 2016 for ‘The Walls and Vaults House’ – (2016)
-NDTV Design & Architecture Awards, Jury Commendation (Climatic Zone: Warm & Humid) for ‘The Walls and Walls House’ – (2016)
-Vanitha Veedu Architecture Awards – Best Home Award (2016)
– AD50 – The 50 most influential names in Architecture and Design, Architectural Digest – (2016)
– IIA State Award – GOLD LEAF for Excellence in Architecture (Residences) (2015)
– Nomination for Indian Institute of Architects – National Awards (2015)
– Nomination for the Best Practice of the year Award by Trends Magazine (based on this project) (2015)


00 - Exterior (Outside) g15 (PM)01 - Exterior Dawn Dusk (Outside) a01 (PM)01 - Exterior Dawn Dusk (Outside) a07 (PM)01 - Exterior Dawn Dusk (Outside) c04 (PM)01 - Exterior Dawn Dusk (Outside) e02 (PM)03 - Exterior (Outside) e08(PM)03 - Exterior (Outside) g05(PM)03 - Exterior (Outside) g18 (PM)03 - Exterior (Outside) h22 (PM)04 - Exterior (Inside) a01 (PM)04 - Exterior (Inside) b01 (PM)07 - Sitout b01 (PM)09 - Foyer a01 (SS)09 - Foyer b01 (SS)10 - Formal Living a01 (SS)11 - Dining + Family d02 (PM)11 - Dining + Family f02 (SS)11 - Dining + Family j02 (PM)14 - Kitchen a01 (SS)16 - Wash, Central Court a01 (SS)18 - Central Court  d01(LRa)18 - Central Court  d02 (LRa)18 - Central Court  d03(LRa)20 - Bedroom-01 a01 (PM)20 - Bedroom-01 d01 (PM)20 - Bedroom-01 e05 (PM)21 - Bedroom-02 a01 (PM)21 - Bedroom-02 f01 (PM)23 - Bedroom-04 b01 (PM)24 - Between Bedrooms a01(PM)25 - Bedroom Court d02 (PM)27 - Toilet-01 a01 (PM)29 - Exterior (Inside) f01 (PM)29 - Exterior (Inside) g09 (PM)

The Walls and Vaults House on Veedu, Malayala Manorama News Channel:

The Walls and Vaults House on Mastercraft, Mathrubhumi News Channel:


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