the regimented house

01_Exterior (PM) (38)

  • project:  the regimented house
  • location: thirur, malapuram, kerala
  • area: 6850 sqft.
  • site area: 1.05 acres (shared by two brothers)
  • client: mr. shajahan and family
  • awards:

– best residential project – vanitha veedu architecture awards 2018
-AD100 – The Most Influential Designers in the Subcontinent, Architectural Digest- (2019)

01_Exterior (PM) (41)01_Exterior (PM) (54)01_Exterior (PM) (61)01_Exterior (PM) (69)01_Exterior (PM) (78)01_Exterior (PM) (17)01_Exterior (PM) (10)03_External Court and Patio (PM) (4)03_External Court and Patio (PM) (19)03_External Court and Patio (PM) (25)03_External Court and Patio (PM) (28)05_Living (PM) (6)05_Living (PM) (7)07_Dining (SS) (2)10_Internal Court (PM) (1)10_Internal Court (PM) (2)10_Internal Court (PM) (21)10_Internal Court (PM) (26)10_Internal Court (SS) (4)11_Internal Court Patio (PM) (2)11_Internal Court Patio (PM) (3)11_Internal Court Patio (PM) (10)13_Kitchen (PM) (6)13_Kitchen (PM) (8)16_Ground Floor Bedroom (PM) (4)16_Ground Floor Bedroom (PM) (7)16_Ground Floor Bedroom (SS) (5)19 Family Living (PM) (1)19_Family Living (SS) (1)26_From FF Internal Balcony (PM) (6)28_External Court and Balcony (PM) (3)28_External Court and Balcony (PM) (12)32_Extras (PM) (8)—————————————————————————————————————————————–

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